February 18, 2015

Some lettering I created for Mount Hermon's 2013 summer catalog.

Justin and Carly

February 18, 2015

Some custom lettering I did for a friend's wedding invitation

Ash Wednesday

February 11, 2015

A shot of some type I created by hand on my garage floor, using ashes from my BBQ, a paint can opener (to get the finer details), and a straight ruler. And a little kid cup to hold the ashes as I spread them. Easily one of the most fun ...

Johnnyswim - Home

February 17, 2014

A completely non-digital piece created for my wife over several months as a side project. Sketched first in pencil, then measured and sketched again on stretched canvas, Tombow Brush Pens for the watercolor, Copic Multiliner pens for the...

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None Beside

June 21, 2013

A personal work in progress, based off a song lyric that I really enjoy.

Guard your heart dribbble

Guard Your Heart

May 23, 2012

Personal lettering project.

Count it all joy

Count It All Joy

April 18, 2012

Very rough scan of a phrase I want to letter. The "J" looks much like an "L" still at this point.