1. Play with Magic Motion auto animate hover gradient web micro interaction blender prototyping prototype magic motion gif shapes 3d interaction video animation button play framer
    View Play with Magic Motion
    Play with Magic Motion
  2. Travel concept design ux island app concept ui design
    View Travel concept design
    Travel concept design
  3. AsiaInfo 5G City App uidesign 3d art ux iphone 12 mobile illustration blender app design
    View AsiaInfo 5G City App
    AsiaInfo 5G City App
  4. KingsBank | Banking app wallet payment homepage intro finance fintech banking mobile app application app android app ios minimal ui ux
    View KingsBank | Banking app
    KingsBank | Banking app
  5. Medical Web App web app design gradient productdesign web application design app design application app doctor appointment health app healthcare clinic hospital doctor app patient app medical medical illustration medical care medical app medical design product design
    Medical Web App
  6. Parallax Effect dynamic effect dynamic animated card animation illustration desktop clean parallax effect parallax animated gif cards ui card animation app web branding ux ui design minimal
    View Parallax Effect
    Parallax Effect
  7. Pinterest Redesign - UX concept latest web app design pinterest web app inspire uxd uxd technologies shikha gupta ui ux
    Pinterest Redesign - UX concept
  8. Video Sharing Concept 📹 youtube redesign redesign minimal dark theme site dark ui blur youtuber website film video ux ui web web design nature black clean dark youtube
    Video Sharing Concept 📹
  9. Tasking.io Project Management trello project manager jira project managment dashboard ui dashboard illustration purple user experience user interface clean design ux ui
    Tasking.io Project Management
  10. File Manager App colorful folder share purple shadow manager icon file dashboard mobile ios uiuxdesign app clean uxdesign uidesign ui uiux design
    View File Manager App
    File Manager App
  11. Food Sales Dashboard Debut shop crm web stats app revenue visitor chart food dashboard
    View Food Sales Dashboard Debut
    Food Sales Dashboard Debut
  12. Collaby - Project Management Tool Website Exploration homepage design purple uidesign uiux ui hero illustration landing page blender web website illustration 3d
    View Collaby - Project Management Tool Website Exploration
    Collaby - Project Management Tool Website Exploration
  13. Online Course App flat branding 3d 2d glass gradient dashboard chart mobile ios uiuxdesign app clean uxdesign uidesign ui uiux design course online
    Online Course App
  14. Jualin E-Commerce Dashboard manage ecommerce chart income business purple teams tracking status orders revenue analytics table card dashboad simple gradient design ux ui
    View Jualin E-Commerce Dashboard
    Jualin E-Commerce Dashboard
  15. Article App illustration glasses glass article dashboard chart mobile ios uiuxdesign app clean uxdesign uidesign ui uiux design
    View Article App
    Article App
  16. Sangu - Finance Dashboard web bank card statistic finance bank illustration 3d blue gradient chart mobile dashboard uiuxdesign app clean uxdesign uidesign ui uiux design
    View Sangu - Finance Dashboard
    Sangu - Finance Dashboard
  17. TUKIYEM - Management File Dashboard (Iconhub) dark data user interface dropbox dashboard template file manager dashboard concept web design dashboard app website dashboard design dashboard ui dashboard minimalist inspiration light minimal elegant simple clean
    View TUKIYEM - Management File Dashboard (Iconhub)
    TUKIYEM - Management File Dashboard (Iconhub)
  18. Cards Interaction vector interaction branding shop landing motion animation design web ui
    Cards Interaction
  19. Ice dream ❤️ adobe adobexd blender3d blender user experience userinterface uidesigns characterdesign 3dcharacter 3d ui  ux ui web ux uidesign
    View Ice dream ❤️
    Ice dream ❤️
  20. Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard dashboard card blur gradient gradient bar progress chart clean 3d illustration illustration 3d simple minimal blur app mobile ux design ui design ux ui
    View Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard
    Blurr Series - Creator Dashboard
  21. Banking Website Dashboard Concept menu chart card shopping credit card dark ui billing bank graph dashboard analytics
    View Banking Website Dashboard Concept
    Banking Website Dashboard Concept
  22. Dota 2 Streaming App dota2 mobile app design mobile ui uidesign juggernaut clean ui gaming app mobile design app design dota 2 illustrations ux ui
    View Dota 2 Streaming App
    Dota 2 Streaming App
  23. Dashboard Cards: BlueReceipt cards design cards ui message modal delete modal modals delete analytics datepicker date picker dashboard ui cards dashboard bluereceipt
    View Dashboard Cards: BlueReceipt
    Dashboard Cards: BlueReceipt
  24. Lifestyle Blog webdesign web design design responsive minimal read cards framerjs framer lifestyle news blog
    View Lifestyle Blog
    Lifestyle Blog
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