1. Be the Ice Sculptor || School of Motion Coursework brush chainsaw course learning motivational explainer video motion graphics motion design designer artist ice sculptor lumberjack after effects 2d animation animation bootcamp school of motion
    View Be the Ice Sculptor || School of Motion Coursework
    Be the Ice Sculptor || School of Motion Coursework
  2. Tasty Tidbits homework tasty tidbits illustration for motion school of motion breakfast vegan healthyfood photoshop illustration motion design
    View Tasty Tidbits
    Tasty Tidbits
  3. Eco Christmas forest fir tree fraser fir noble fir christmas lights nature oxygen ecology christmas tree adobe photoshop photoshop digital art
    View Eco Christmas
    Eco Christmas
  4. Ladybird & a Water Droplet nature motion practice adobe illustrator motion graphics motion design frame by frame animation frame by frame water flight grass ladybird adobe animate
    View Ladybird & a Water Droplet
    Ladybird & a Water Droplet
  5. Animation Bootcamp Final Boss teaser ice dragon trees final boss diversity photoshop after effects school winter 2020 animation bootcamp motion graphics motion design ice sculptor lumberjack animation 2danimation
    View Animation Bootcamp Final Boss teaser
    Animation Bootcamp Final Boss teaser
  6. Ghosty's Pet Rocks motion design animation aftereffects cheeky fun silly picky petrock ghost bird
    View Ghosty's Pet Rocks
    Ghosty's Pet Rocks
  7. Ladybird on a Grass fun motion bug insect mograph after effects vector illustrator animation motiongraphics motion design ladybird
    View Ladybird on a Grass
    Ladybird on a Grass
  8. Hopping Pumpkins photoshop scary jumping pumpkin fun after effects
    View Hopping Pumpkins
    Hopping Pumpkins
  9. A Fortress Test octanerender fortress castle 3d 3d art
    View A Fortress Test
    A Fortress Test
  10. Abstract 3D pastel colours 3d arches 3d arches 3d primitives 3d primitives 3d shapes 3d geometric shapes 3d geometry geometry geometric shapes arches octane cinema4d surrealism abstract art
    View Abstract 3D
    Abstract 3D
  11. Sasha the Sassy Serpent 3d animation lowpolyart lowpolynature lowpolyscene lowpoly 3dlowpoly naturescene nature colourful snake sassy serpent cinema4d 3d art
    View Sasha the Sassy Serpent
    Sasha the Sassy Serpent
  12. Creative Flight knowledge unknown painting digital space universe learn fly bird limitless flight creativity
    View Creative Flight
    Creative Flight
  13. Illustration Fuel earth course training scifi adventure academy class flight illustration unknown universe space rocket fuel
    View Illustration Fuel
    Illustration Fuel
  14. London Deer low poly illustration antlers animal london richmond deer
    View London Deer
    London Deer
  15. Lost in Space lost space academy class universe spaceship animation course c4d cinema 4d 3d lost in space
    View Lost in Space
    Lost in Space
  16. SPIN studio brochure paper engineering vinyl print editorial design spin studio
    View SPIN studio brochure
    SPIN studio brochure
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