Computer Bed Room

November 07, 2018

Played some more with voxels (inspired by @Moranart's bedroom), I was testing different (local) light sources in very dark environment. Attaching also the source file.

Voxel Environment

November 01, 2018

Thanks to @Jinsu I started to play with MagicaVoxel (Minecraft for designers). Tried to create a simple environment inspired by @Mohamed Chahin (much better looking) polygons. Attaching also the source file.

(7th Sense) Washing Machine

January 29, 2018

Download Manual (PDF, 1.6GB) Hit "L" or "F" to co-hate

Elementary math posters

March 22, 2017

My wife is a 4th grade teacher and was preparing some math posters for her class, so I helped her a bit over the weekend. Hope I didn't make it worse 0:) If you know any teachers who would find this useful, feel free to grab and share.

Non Linear Book Reading Experience

October 05, 2015

I started to play with a non-linear book reading. Starting with just a high level extract, you'll read deeper only into parts you're interested in or care about. Of course this is not applicable to every kind of book, but just imagine w...

Nokia tinder

Nokia1100 + Tinder

April 01, 2015

I couldn't resist. Long live Nokia. (3310 was my first)

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Mexican Coke

February 11, 2015

Pizza Icon

November 03, 2014

Pizza icon made Yoga Perdana style 0:)