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The HackerRank ranks programmers based on their coding skills, helping companies source great programmers and reduce the time to hire.

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HackerRank / CodeArt

May 28, 2019

CodeArt (also known as generative art, code generated experiments, or algorithmic art) is algorithmically determined computer-generated artwork. It sits at the unique intersection of design, art, and programming. At HackerRank, we're ...

HackerRank 2019 Developer Skills Report

January 30, 2019

This report is for coders, so we decided to illustrate it by code. Learn more about CodeArt in this interview. (Should code design?)

HackerRank / Workflow

October 16, 2018

With @Melissae on a mission to translate HackerRank brand into our presentations & pitch decks.

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HackerRank / Homepage Concept

September 26, 2018

Homepage concept based on our mission; "Match every developer to the right job" Stock photos should get replaced by real developers we helped to score their dream job. What the hell is HackerRank? PS: Press L for love & lower speed 😛

HackerRank / Office 3 Canvases

September 20, 2018

Canvas prints for the new office. HackerRank is a developer focus company, so art is also done by developers. More details about these can be found here.

Hackerrank / Core Values Poster Prints

September 18, 2018

We're moving to a fancy new office, and our team worked on some office decor. These are minimalistic posters with company core values. Oh, and we are also hiring. +Encourage our design team to post something on dribbble: @Raghavendra ...

Hackerrank / Tech Talent Matrix

September 13, 2018

HackerRank published new insights into tech talent hiring. This was one of the concepts we were considering. Idea is to illustrate the report by the brands themselves.

Hackerrank homepage preview 2x


September 04, 2018

HackerRank's new homepage is up & running. Please do pay us a visit:

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