Zero UI Concept

July 17, 2014

Zero UI Concept created for Circle. Also wanted to apologize to all our (ex)fans, for the crazy pivot switch. Wish it could be done smoother... Customer Review im going to frame for myself: "The worst update in the history of software"

Circle / Web

June 06, 2014

Pivots are part of the business were in, sigh... Changed the website in 5 minutes (check the original). Thx for the hand uplift to @Tomas Jasovsky

Another Circle Screen

March 12, 2014

Some progress from our everyday hustle... Also thanks to Jeff & Matt for the white HTC One.

Shared Post detail

January 16, 2014

Circle / Intro

November 26, 2013

Simplified Manual Registration funnel

Cricle / Custom Icons

November 21, 2013

Iconset is maybe the smallest and the less impact-full part of UI which takes the most of time. Please check also @2x (1:1) to see how close i got to pixel perfection with my nerves. All my ZEN is gone now (2 days on a beach + 1 sunset ...

Circle goes White

November 15, 2013

Circle is going back to white. Check also full-screen preview. Feed items quick prototype here.

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Circle3 / Feed Item

September 05, 2013

So here is what happened with Circle in the last update. Take a look also at Feed in action. Bye bye likes & fantasy UI, it's CTR time!