Busy Icons

December 13, 2016

Designed some simple, but busy icons for a presentation slide. It was a quickie, so it came out a little more cluttered than I would have liked, but I didn't go through a editing phase with these... one shot, and done!

Space Themed 404

August 29, 2016

Thought this would be a fun little detail, #neverforget404

Space Themed Onboarding

August 29, 2016

More spaced themed goodness

Space Themed Icons

August 29, 2016

Playing with some ideas for a current project

Oceg Concept 01

January 21, 2016

Another throwback thursday find, This one was my favorite! Needs some copy help though, I just push pixels. Be sure to checkout the full size image and press "L" for like!

Oceg Concept 02

January 21, 2016

Found a couple old concepts I did for OCEG, Throwback Thursday! Be sure to checkout the full size image and press "L" for like

Looplogic New Design

June 23, 2015

Recently we launched the new looplogic site! This was a fun design and blast doing all the illustrations. Be sure to also check out the "rebound of" for a possible new direction, to focus more on enterprise/white label sales. Live site ...

Eventday Preview

June 23, 2015

Happy to announce that my redesign of the eventday.com website has launched. There is a slight difference in the original mock here and the live version here: eventday.com, but as time goes on the live version should evolve to more close...