1. 90s memphis bauhaus fresh prince zigzag balls abstract 80s shapes dots retro rugrats aesthetic graphic simple after effects animation motion graphics 90s
  2. LIFE. geometic simple blackandwhite bauhaus calm design animation motion graphics after effects illustration life cardboard ball
  3. Windy Day serene calm mountains yellow yellow and black windy aeroplane animation motion graphics after effects illustration
    Windy Day
  4. Ocean Plane palette blue and white textured aeroplane relaxing calm serene sky clouds ocean blue plane animation motion graphics after effects illustration
    Ocean Plane
  5. Milk Boy dairy derp loop animation loop motion graphics illustration after effects minimal wholesome japanese adorable cute art walk-cycle walkcycle joysticks joysticks n sliders walk cycle cute boy milk
    Milk Boy
  6. Bob Ross painting illustration ross bob ross bob
    Bob Ross
  7. Baby Factory animation vector illustration simple quaint poop cute pastel after effects motion graphics paper paper cut nappie diaper factory baby
    Baby Factory
  8. Framed Logo Ident first dribbble after effects water poster animation branding illustration motion graphics shark
    Framed Logo Ident
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