Craft Brew Tailgate

September 19, 2013

Finished artwork for the Craft Brew Tailgate poster. Probably could have finessed things more but had to be done. Played around with mixing in gradients to the flat shapes. Might go further with them next time

Food Truck

September 14, 2013

Made a food truck for the poster illustration. Only a little bit of it is visible in the full illustration but I wanted to finish it out for the website.

Craft Brewers Tailgate

September 08, 2013

In-progress illustration for the Craft Brewer's Tailgate poster.

Craft Brewer's Tailgate Logo

September 05, 2013

I've started this logo for craft brew tailgating event and began with this sort of collegiate, athletic lettering. This is first round — and this will have more beer related elements (I think). Thoughts?