Icons 2.0

January 24, 2015

Currently working with Jumpshare to update their desktop app. Additional updates coming as well! Twitter · Instagram · Website

Expiration for..

July 10, 2013

Working on some modals for the upcoming Jumpshare redesign.

Share with...

April 06, 2013

Holding the 'alt' key will prompt an sharing via email upon dragging an item to the Jumpshare desktop app.

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Desktop App

April 05, 2013

Early work on the desktop app for Jumpshare.

Mark Exploration

April 01, 2013

Final stages of the mark for Jumpshare. Checkout the final logo here.

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Profile 001

Account Settings [gif]

March 06, 2013

Here is an updated 'Account Settings' modal for Jumpshare. It should be live in the next week! Non-retina users, click here for actual pixels.

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February 19, 2013

Recently launched a new project with the great team at Jumpshare. The service offers a ton of great features such as real-time sharing, previewing 200+ formats, folders, etc. Comments and collaboration are coming soon! Non-retina users ...

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Copy files...

December 23, 2012

Another view of the recept work I've completed for Jumpshare. Checkout the full-view here.

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