App Icon

January 05, 2018

Nothing fancy, just an app icon, on a phone, and a totally awesome background color. — Need a design partner for your next project? Let's talk. Similar: UpScene | EatWith | FanSi

Shirt Options

January 04, 2018

Some quick shirt options we mocked up for the Shuttle team. Nothing fancy here, just your good 'ol wearable advertising. Perfect attire for trade shows, morning walks and cooking bacon... As any worthwhile bacon practitioner knows, the ...

Corporate Branding

December 30, 2017

Early UI work for the Shuttle application. Service will allow corporate accounts such as Intel or Airbnb to apply their own branding/colors to the app. More to come soon... — Interested in working together? Get in touch...

Shuttle brand

Shuttle Brand

December 28, 2017

Have had the opportunity to work with the talented team at Mighty Learning Objects. This will be the mark for their upcoming product called Shuttle. More coming soon... — Interested in working together? Get in touch...