Jackpot dribbble


December 01, 2016

Imagine scanning your lottery ticket and discovering you won right on your cell phone! Boom! It's Trinipedia magic! Some of the interactions Augmented Reality and Trinipedia can provide you. Check the full project here! - Mowe

Magic dribbble


November 29, 2016

"Magic" is what it feels like to raise your phone and see a whole new world through AR. Trinipedia helps you to see this magical world. We made some cool animations for them and now it's time show them :) Check the full project here! ...

Dribbble suicide crab

Suicide Crab

February 18, 2016

Sometimes cooking brings us some surprises. It can be a few burned fingers, small cuts, or even some weird suicide animals coming out from packages. This is what happens when you magically bring objects to life :) Check the full proje...

Cell phone addicted

Smartphone Addiction

January 28, 2016

Ohh those Smartphones... Always with its shiny screens, colourful apps and all those social medias... Will this girl release it sometime? :D Check the full project here! - Mowe (PS: She is not on the toilet... or is she??? We'll nev...