Hider final video

[Full Video] Hider 2 from MacPaw

July 01, 2014

We made a video! Go check it out on Vimeo! This particular shot was animated by both @Fede Cook (hand animations) and @Ray East (antenna animation), and illustrated by the one and only @Dangerdom. Stroke that L key if you dig it! Tw...

Hider dribbbleshot

Character Parts and Pieces

June 30, 2014

About half of a really fun project I've been working on with @Motion Authors over the last little while. We were adventurous this time and went for some character and scenic illustrations instead of some of the more graphic th...

Hinder characters

Kids/Mom/Spy - Character animation

June 26, 2014

Last weeks I've been working on a great video for @Motion Authors with some lovely characters. The full animation will be released very soon :) Also first shot as part of the team :) Go and check the other team members work @Ray East @D...

Tape animated

Debut – Animated Private VHS

June 25, 2014

Hi. I'm Ray. Creative director and founder at @Motion Authors. And this is my animation debut. Glad to be here! From a project we are working on together with @Fede Cook and @Dangerdom. The full video coming early next week! Press that...

This Little Piggy...

June 10, 2014

...cried all the way home. An unused direction for a new, top secret project with @Motion Authors. We ended up going with something more environmental and full frame. Stay tuned, will be posting more soon!