Rainy Icon

June 10, 2014

Hey guys, I'm exploring little bit with icon for Rainy project. My initial idea was to have a simple drop inside the grid with soft blue gradient. And I kinda like how it works now. Still open for suggestions though, so shoot. Cheers.

Filter Menu

June 03, 2014

Continued to work on the Rainy app, posting menu mockup from where people can easily filter upload categories. More updates coming soon.

Settings view

May 28, 2014

Working on the settings view for the Rainy project. You can find full view in the attachment. Cheers!

All Uploads

May 27, 2014

This is a preview of all uploads and the spot where people will spend most of the time while using the app. Like I mentioned in my previous shot, I wanted everything to be simple, light and elegant. I've also attached the upload menu m...

Log In & Sign Up

May 26, 2014

Hey hey guys, I'm working on a personal project for my university. It's part of my final graduation work. I'm building CloudApp client for iOS called Rainy. Idea about visual design direction for this project is to keep it simple and ...

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