1. 15 Mar Matt Milosavljevic Commented on Matriarchy 3 by Ryan Putnam

    Here are some thought experiments to consider:

    - If a child is conceived from sexual violence, is it morally good to force them to shoulder that burden in life or would they need to be spared the truth of their conception?

    - If by virtue of modern medicine an unborn child is known to have a debilitating impairment, is it morally good to force them to live out their life debilitated or in pain? Would it be morally good to force the parents into a situation they might know in advance they’re not able to cope with?

    - If a birth is known to carry with it a high risk of mortality for the mother, is it morally good to force the parents to proceed carrying the unborn child to term?

    - If one argues it is morally bad to force death upon an unborn child, what is the argument for forcing life on an unborn child given the child has no say in either situation?

    I guess my ultimate question is why such an obviously nuanced issue keeps being argued in such a polarised way?