1. Updated personal site design flat personal personal project ui website
    View Updated personal site
    Updated personal site
  2. Notification Badge Unification flat label notification ui webapp
    View Notification Badge Unification
    Notification Badge Unification
  3. Spacing Guideline 01 design system form ui webapp
    View Spacing Guideline 01
    Spacing Guideline 01
  4. acl2.0 - Gray scale guideline design system documentation gray guideline
    View acl2.0 - Gray scale guideline
    acl2.0 - Gray scale guideline
  5. Questionnaire UI document form progress progressbar question section table of content ui
    View Questionnaire UI
    Questionnaire UI
  6. Zini's product onboarding blog feed microblog newsfeed onboarding social network tour zini
    View Zini's product onboarding
    Zini's product onboarding
  7. Form with analytic data analytic data document form money option slider
    View Form with analytic data
    Form with analytic data
  8. Pencil Meteor affinity design design tool drawing illustration meteor pencil planet space tools
    View Pencil Meteor
    Pencil Meteor
  9. White Space letter block geometric illustration letter orange s typo typography w white whitespace
    View White Space letter block
    White Space letter block
  10. Geometric letter block block geometric illustration letter s w whitespace
    View Geometric letter block
    Geometric letter block
  11. Compass Process compass ideate illustration
    View Compass Process
    Compass Process
  12. Gondor Magnet drawing gondor illustration lotr magnet sitckermule
    View Gondor Magnet
    Gondor Magnet
  13. Rohan Remake affinity drawing helmet illustration lotr
    View Rohan Remake
    Rohan Remake
  14. Gondorian drawing helmet illustration lotr
    View Gondorian
  15. Dealing with widescreen ui web application widescreen wizard
    View Dealing with widescreen
    Dealing with widescreen
  16. Elements concept concept element geometric neon
    View Elements concept
    Elements concept
  17. Rohan helm - Sticker Composition custom stickers free stickers rebound sticker sticker mule
    View Rohan helm - Sticker Composition
    Rohan helm - Sticker Composition
  18. Helm of Faramir gondor helm illustration lotr
    View Helm of Faramir
    Helm of Faramir
  19. Gondor Soldier Helm gondor helm illustration lotr
    View Gondor Soldier Helm
    Gondor Soldier Helm
  20. Daily UI #003 Landing Page (above the fold) 003 dailyui fun landingpage minimal tip travel
    View Daily UI #003 Landing Page (above the fold)
    Daily UI #003 Landing Page (above the fold)
  21. Daily UI #002 Credit Card Checkout 002 checkout creditcard dailyui payment
    View Daily UI #002 Credit Card Checkout
    Daily UI #002 Credit Card Checkout
  22. Daily UI #001 Sign Up 001 dailyui form register signup simple
    View Daily UI #001 Sign Up
    Daily UI #001 Sign Up
  23. Project Configuration Overview activity config configuration cupcake manage management overview owner project status task timeline
    View Project Configuration Overview
    Project Configuration Overview
  24. Anduin Circuit branding circuit logo
    View Anduin Circuit
    Anduin Circuit
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