1. Milan Logo type typography art typography text dot red organic round font font round rounded corner rounded font rounded milan houter milan minimal simple white logo name
    Milan Logo
  2. Motorcycle Blog minimal share mobile app app web mobile ios android text news read follow motorcycles motor motorbike blog simple white clean
    Motorcycle Blog
  3. FOSSIL Watches - Landing Page play movie web ui design landing ui web ui black blue slider photography clean watch ui luxurious luxe fashion landing site web landingpage fossil watches watch
    FOSSIL Watches - Landing Page
  4. Pick Your Style - Fashion Shop clothes clothing fashion picker minimal black  white bright colorful abstract bold yellow blue and yellow blue android ios mobile app mobile pick selector pick your style
    Pick Your Style - Fashion Shop
  5. Travel Diary Module black clean minimal app design interface minimal app vacation photo holiday photography add travel ui travel overlay minimal dark simple ui ui module module widget
    Travel Diary Module
  6. Renew membership - B2B light thin clean interface ui invoice green trial end flow order settings membership settings renew membership pay pay now membership renew trial business b2b
    Renew membership - B2B
  7. Trader Rating Widget widget dark app minimal average numbers statistics stats score rate ui black dark blue rating gradient abstract clean simple clean interface simple interface
    Trader Rating Widget
  8. WeMarket Branding minimal business card envelope card paper pen and paper notebook stylish modern luxe luxurious clean magnifier pen dark black box print branding moleskin
    WeMarket Branding
  9. Elegant Calculator App calculation luxurious luxury mobile app android ios abstract numbers minimal simple clean calculator app gradient min plus calculate calculator app mobile elegant
    Elegant Calculator App
  10. Home Thermostat ui smart home smart daily swipe stats room control room dark mobile app ios android minimal clean home house thermostat app mobile phone
    Home Thermostat
  11. Invite friends for a workout mobile app mobile invite friends flow app concept android ios clean white message select select friends minimal invite multi-select app flow write write message app phone app
    Invite friends for a workout
  12. Friends overview daily minimal mobile ios android app profile profile image suggestions find friends selector available red white light clean friend list list contact friends
    Friends overview
  13. Profile screen blog travel blog traveller travel intro classy minimal thin like follow photo photography clean ios android app mobile app mobile profile
    Profile screen
  14. Server Installation - Onboarding daily cool android app slim thin mobile app select loader steps black android ios clean elegant minimal dark install onboarding server abstract
    Server Installation - Onboarding
  15. Shoe product page - Select your size! app ios android dark horizontal mobile overlay mobile ui webshop mobile nike nike air pay buy overlay selector size product blue abstract bold
    Shoe product page - Select your size!
  16. Car Product Detail Page - Audi android light dark product detail page minimal mobile app app car app mobile information audi modern clean classy product detail detail detailpage brown cars car
    Car Product Detail Page - Audi
  17. Beats by Dre - Product details abstract theme app ui ui ios android app mobile app mobile specifications details product details product detail clean yellow black light dark headphones beats by dre
    Beats by Dre - Product details
  18. Sign Up Screen - Music service mobile phone android app ios android register sign in create account light dark color bold tnwl pink music sign up
    Sign Up Screen - Music service
  19. What's your name? flow app mobile phone ios android black white step 1 custom light dark keyboard minimal simple name onboarding
    What's your name?
  20. App Store Statistics stat mobile app app ui ui phone mobile ios android app statistics stats graph white minimal clean dark blue dark light crypto appstore
    App Store Statistics
  21. Phone Verification ios android phone colors clean mobile app light dark code numbers verification mobile security green yellow color app
    Phone Verification
  22. Mobile Game Store app ios android clean simple game app download swipe storefront clashofclans light dark store games
    Mobile Game Store
  23. Profile - Photography App simple minimal overview detailpage detail mobile app design user interface ui app android ios light albums dark white clean mobile app photos mobile profile
    Profile - Photography App
  24. Crypto Tradr. principle animated mobile flow android ios app ui abstract login flow animate animation mobile clean minimal login log in crypto trading ux motion
    Crypto Tradr.
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