Movie Tag Selector

March 25, 2019

Select movie tags you like. Can't find the ones you like. Add your favorite movies yourself.

Country Selector - Module

March 22, 2019

Module in which you can select your country. If you country is not in the list you have the availability to request a start in your country. Have a nice day ;)

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Fitness Splashscreen

March 12, 2019

First screen of the onboarding flow for a gym app. Bold and minimal. Get Ready, Get Fit!

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Gym Booking App

March 11, 2019

A conceptual black & white Gym Booking App. Find a gym and immediately book one or multiple visits via the app. Right one is the scrolled view.

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Anti Hangover - Product page

December 12, 2018

I only we had a easy and cheap cure against hangovers. For now the only cure I know of is: "don't drink". I had little time today so here is a Anti Hangover Product page ;)

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Discover Workouts

December 11, 2018

Discovery section for a workout app. Find popular workouts or select the best workouts given by teachers.

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FASE 2 - Login

December 10, 2018

Dark Splash screen and Login screen for FASE 2.

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Mobile Selling App - Chat

December 06, 2018

A selling app where a seller can choose to accept or decline a possible business deal.

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