Mikolaj Dobrucki BrewBroker by Mikolaj Dobrucki

A web platform that connects various parties within the beer industry connected with brewing, packaging and distributing alcohol.

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BrewBroker Dashboard

February 25, 2019

BrewBroker Dashboard. This is where all beer contracts happen! From this point of view, it's hard to see BrewBroker as a product visually attractive – it's mostly long tables of brewing requirements and tender details. Nonetheless, ...

BrewBroker multi-step forms

February 20, 2019

Creating a tender on BrewBroker platform is not an easy task! You need to provide tons of information about the beer you want to produce. This makes it even harder for the suppliers on the side to keep all the information about their ser...

BrewBroker Registration

February 18, 2019

Sign up form for BrewBroker. The main challenge of this design was to create a usable, highly-converting form that lets you create accounts of three different types: buyer, suppliers and companies acting as both of those roles at the sam...

BrewBroker Brewery Profile

February 18, 2019

Profiles are the most important part of the BrewBroker platform. They showcase user's products and services and tell about their companies. This is also where the conversion between the companies usually starts. The shot features the mo...

Brewbroker Landing Pages

February 15, 2019

More landing pages for the BrewBroker project. You can find a bigger version in the attachment. ⭐️There's MORE! See the entire project on Behance! 🦄

BrewBroker landing page

February 13, 2019

Oh boy, this project has gone a long way. From being completely yellow-black and clunky to subtle greens and shadows. But here it is. Eventually. You can find the whole landing page in the attachment. ⭐️There's MORE! See the entire pr...