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ThisDot provides web platform expertise to teams through mentoring, training and apprenticeship services. Their mentors are makers of modern web frameworks.

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New ThisDot is live

July 17, 2018

Finally, I've found a bit time to prepare this shot. New ThisDot design has been published. Check it out and feel free to appreciate. The Website is fully built in @Webflow. Check it out »

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Thisdot speker animation

Speaker card animation - ThisDot

April 06, 2018

Hi Folks, here is a speaker card animation for ThisDot project. The task was to show pretty a lot of information for each speaker and we decided to hide speaker biography by default view and show it onClick action. The project is still i...

ThisDot - Home Page re-design

February 27, 2018

Working on re-design for ThisDot project

ThisDot Data Schema

February 26, 2018

Data Schema for ThisDot website. Content first approach.

ThisDot - Sitemap

February 21, 2018

Working on the new project for ThisDot with @Alexandra Nadtochiy :) Started with sitemap and information architecture. We were using Flowmapp. Really cool app. If you like it press «L» Thanks!

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