New Frames

July 16, 2014

Recently revisited all of our prints in our Etsy shop ( and "reframed" them. Needed something a little cleaner than before and that would be more easily customizable for new prints down the road.

Glowbe (New Print)

May 16, 2014

Finally finished with this. Lots of lessons learned from this one. Think I'm going to reset all my screens to avoid some frustration on the next one. Available here:


Finally Printing

April 29, 2014

Output cg0zmp

Glowbe (GIF)

January 15, 2014

Quick test to see how the glow-in-the-dark would look. It'll be the first time printing with it, so who knows how it'll turn out.

Lunar Globe Progress

January 07, 2014

First time really getting back to this after our move. Just playing around with some texture and line qualities. Not sure if this is the final direction, but it was good to get in and mess around with it for a bit.

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Screen shot 2013 07 14 at 8.41.23 pm

Lunar Globe

July 14, 2013

Made a change to the style and colors of this side project. I think I'm liking the more vector approach. Just gotta work on the moon portion and add some texture/depth.