Psm 2

Prediction Square Music gameplay

March 19, 2012

Gameplay for Prediction Square Music. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Prediction Square Music

March 19, 2012

Another Facebook game! Prediction Square Music. A guessing game of sorts: predict your friends' opinions on 20 different musical artists and see how your predictions match up with their actual opinions. This was good fun to design, matc...

Untitled 1

Doubloon Dash v.2 gameplay

February 13, 2012

Gameplay from Doubloon Dash, a Facebook game from Microsoft Research. Players can customise their own pirates in the Pirate Builder:

Dd pirate

Doubloon Dash Pirate Builder

January 18, 2012

This is why I've been drawing pirates for the last couple of months: Doubloon Dash! It's a turn-based, pirate-themed game (played via Facebook) for the chaps and chapesses at Microsoft Research Cambridge's Research Games department. Th...

Waterloo anim

Project Waterloo

September 30, 2011

UI for Project Waterloo, a Facebook game I designed for Microsoft Research. This is a closeup view of a tied battlefield - the animation's a bit jumpy as I scaled up the graphics (the in-game ones are about half this size and animate a ...