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  1. 7 Jan Pro
    Mike Rundle
    Commented on Sentoj

    Great work! Did you guys discuss using the Twitter emojis internally and rule it out?

  2. 6 Jan Pro
    Mike Rundle
    Commented on Comic App Design

    @Newar Ha, I just split the GIF into separate frames to see exactly what was going on. Here it is: http://ezgif.com/split/e5f2231fd9.gif (click split)

    Looks like the words do a number of things during a transition: 3D perspective rotate, shrink, and fade out, while the icons do a simple scale/alpha animation. Lots of motion blurring throughout as well, I wonder if @Ramotion's developers are actually building motion blur in code or if it's just a fancy AE thing to show to clients?