Poster Tube Stickers

March 26, 2018

Don't say we didn't warn ya! — New sticker designs for the poster tubes. Shows which side to open for easier access, with a little fun messaging :) Check out the posters at

Infiniti Q60 Posters

March 05, 2018

Recently introduced 2 new color variations of the Infiniti Q60 posters for Cloth&Motor. Check them out at

Infiniti Q60 T-Shirt Design

January 22, 2018

Latest addition to the Cloth&Motor Collection, the Infiniti Q60 Project Black S. More info here:

Infiniti Q60 Poster

January 08, 2018

Latest addition to the collection, the Infiniti Q60. 18"x24" Poster.

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Cloth&Motor Black on Black Hoody

January 02, 2018

Photoshoot, then photoshopped the model out of the hoody and added the pullover/neck tags onto the hoody. Fun quick project for

Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Poster Illustration

December 11, 2017

My latest illustration of the Infiniti Q60 Project Black S. Get the 18x24 posters here:

Infiniti Q50 Illustration

November 29, 2017

Just finished this illustration of the Infiniti Q50 profile posters. Made them in white and graphite shadow. Check it out here:

Cloth&Motor Logo

August 30, 2017

Logo for my new company Cloth&Motor Cloth&Motor is all about the automotive enthusiast, combining high quality designs with high quality clothing and posters. View attachment to see how it is used on the vehicle, and on shirt d...