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by Mikael Edwards

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Graph for Webs.com

Simple graph for one of the new Webs.com pages See more here http://www.webs.com/why-webs

March 17, 2014

Builder 400 300

Builder Animation

Builder animation for the new webs.com redesign. Make sure to check out webs.com to see the full size animation in action. Created with @Justin Nurse for w...

March 14, 2014

Webs eCommerce Icon

Hi Guys, As part of our latest webs.com redesign, I created a lot of icons. This is for the Online Shop/eCommerce. Check out the live site webs.com

March 13, 2014

Webs Plans Redesign

Hi Guys, We recently launched the mvp of our latest webs.com redesign. Check out the live site webs.com Created with @Justin Nurse for webs.com

March 13, 2014

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