1. Business card for 5AM

  2. Boxes of greenhouse gas emissions

  3. Business card for Genie

  4. Website for Geek Squad Home Membership - Best Buy Canada

  5. No Name Viagra

  6. Dropper bottle design for Here & Now Botanicals

  7. Best Friends Forever

  8. Postage Stamp Design for Japan Post Co., Ltd.

  9. Beer Cans for Canada’s Provinces & Territories

  10. I'm a Designer. Not a Screwdriver.

  11. Duct Tape Against Humanity

  12. Smoking Fu*king Kills

  13. Takeaway Coffee Cup for Canada's 150th Birthday

  14. CD Cover for Tiger JK's Mixtape: Conspiracy Theory

  15. T-Shirt for 5AM / ALL IS ART

  16. Brochure for Congress World Conferences Inc.

  17. Snapback for Salmon Digital

  18. Emblem for The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

  19. Illustration for Metro Newspaper

  20. Rate Cards for Crelogix Acceptance Corporation

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