Instagram Handbook for Brands

February 10, 2014

Today we published our Instagram Handbook for Brands! We love high quality content on Instagram and hope we can inspire brands and others with this. Designed by @Jez Burrows, Illustrated by @Ping Zhu and filled with photos from over a hu...

Instagram 5.0!

December 12, 2013

Today we are proud to announce Instagram 5.0. We're very excited about this version as it's a big one! The biggest feature is Instagram Direct; the ability to send Instagram photos and videos to just a select bunch of friends. What we...

Instagram For Windows Phone 8!

November 20, 2013

We've just launched Instagram for Windows Phone 8! It's been great to learn about Windows Phone and discover the intersection between platform conventions and what makes the app feel like Instagram. For navigation we've aimed for an i...

Instagram for iOS 7!

September 25, 2013

Today we launched Instagram for iOS 7! You'll see a lot less chrome, full bleed images, more whitespace, and a lot of other small and large changes. We focused on putting the content even more to the forefront than before.

Updated Media Pages!

July 17, 2013

Earlier today we rolled out an updated version of the Instagram Media Pages. With this, we tied together the codebase of the pages and the modal views around the site. This update was focused around consistency and responsiveness, optim...

Instagram Web Embeds

July 10, 2013

Today we've introduced the ability to embed your Instagram photos and videos across the web. Embedding was one of the biggest requests after we launched video. We focused on keeping it as lightweight as possible. An embed will show att...

Introducing video on Instagram

June 20, 2013

I'm super excited to announce that we're introducing video on Instagram. We've been wanting to do to video what we have done for photos for a long time; give everyone the ability to capture their life in a beautiful and simple way. Fif...

Introducing Your Instagram Feed on the Web

February 05, 2013

Today, we're proud to announce your Instagram feed on the web. I'm super excited about this, and hope you guys are too. Check it out on "[...] you can now browse your Instagram feed on the web – just like you do on your m...