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by Maykel Loomans instagram.com/android

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Dribbble   android launch email

Instagram for Android — Launch E-mail

Part of the Instagram for Android launch was getting out an e-mail to over 400.000 people. With our focus on mobile, this e-mail needed to work in both the w...

April 06, 2012

Dribbble   android launched

Instagram for Android — Available Now!

I am super psyched to announce that we launched Instagram for Android today with great UI work by Tim van Damme. Check out the full site now, or Get it on G...

April 03, 2012

Dribbble   instagram android teaser

Instagram on Android — Coming Soon!

A teaser page I designed and implemented for the upcoming Instagram on Android. Check out the full page for all of the shiny!

March 24, 2012