Michelle Clement Can't Kill Me by Michelle Clement

An ebook prototype all about how to grow hard-to-kill succulents & cacti (in which I learn how to use Adobe DPS).

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01 killme gif

'Can't Kill Me' Ebook Interface

November 20, 2014

Currently working on refining and building this ebook in Adobe DPS for a final class project right now: it's all about how to grow succulents that are nearly impossible to kill (my favorite kind)! I'm refining the how-to page interface d...

Ebook illus 4 crop

'Can't Kill Me' Jade + Pincushion

November 17, 2014

Working on some illustrations for a 'How to Grow Succulents' ebook I'm making for a class right now. Got to texture these guys up a little bit before I put them into my file and learn Adobe DPS! They're supposed to be pretty simple: icon...

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