G Key

November 15, 2012

(G-Eye) directions were killed > Shifting back to one of the initial directions, and playing around with some keys... "Lockups" coming soon...


GI round

October 25, 2012

Another slight form factor variation on the original shot, with an arm added in for increased readability, again curtsey of my good friend Mr. @Mike Bruner Enough with the eyeballs already > at least they're seasonally appropriate...

Gi 2

Gi V2

October 24, 2012

Quick element remix with an alternate read on the 'Gi'. Thanks to @Mike Bruner for the extra pair of eyes.

Gi v3


October 24, 2012

Alternative direction, with a double play on the 'i'. @Riley Made a few attempts at a negative space play with the 'i' dot on that last guy, but things got a little confusing...



October 23, 2012

Experimenting with a little pronunciation twist for a 'GI' monogram. A bit of a stretch perhaps, but I thought it was interesting...

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