Deahla : Logo by Michael Spitz

Logo development for a charitable donation platform, producing short documentaries showcasing various charitable organizations.

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September 12, 2012

*UPDATE > FINAL VERSION Made a few polishing adjustments to the letterforms, along with rounding off of that sharp corner on the 'D', and shortening up the tail on the 'h' loop a bit more. I was originally going to drop the shading e...


Charitable Filmaking : Type

September 11, 2012

Playing around with type options for the finalized version of the film/heart mark. Had some issues with it starting off, but I think I've manged to resolve it for the most part... Granted the name is a bit odd, so I'm wondering if you g...

Charitable filmaking 3

Charitable Filmaking : Mark Update 3

September 05, 2012

Getting close to finally nailing this guy down. Made a few form factor tweaks on the mark this week to help with scability, etc. Debated whether or not to maintain the right side perforated strip, and I think it's comes down to a matter...

Charitable filmaking 3b

Charitable Filmaking : Mark Update 2

July 20, 2012

Wanted to post one alternative that I've been working on for this guy. The shadows from the last 'unbroken' version were really more of an afterthought, adapted from this breakdown for a solid black and white version. Yesterday I was p...

Charitable filmaking 3a

Charitable Filmaking : Mark Update

July 19, 2012

Had to take a short break from this guy to deal with some pressing projects...but it's back with a quick progress update: V3 is a go, and just working on hammering out a few form factor tweaks, color solutions, etc. Not quite finalized y...

Charitable filmaking v3

Charitable Filmaking V3

June 19, 2012

Tried continuing the film strip perforations around back > but it looked a little too busy. Still playing around with the form factor, but I think we're getting there... Thanks again to my man @Sean for the loopback suggestion.

Charitable filmaking v2

Charitable Filmaking V2

June 18, 2012

Took a quick stab at a small form factor shift > Still a bit rough around the edges...

Charitable filmaking

Charitable Filmaking

June 18, 2012

Working on a little side project for a friend starting up a charitable donation platform, by way of creating short doumentaries to showcase various charitable organizations. Seems like almost too obvious of a solution, but I hunted arou...