C272a1df400d46635bb523eb348c8e80 COFFEE POT : Typeface

by Michael Spitz

3 Shots

Coffee Pot : Progress

I don't want to tease you guys with a release date just yet, but I'm finally back to working on this thing, and it's coming along. Long overdue, but hoping ...

March 24, 2013

Coffee pot   type specimen ddd

Coffee Pot : Glyphs

Another cup of caffeinated type to see you guys through the evening. Still experimenting & some tweaking to do on the weights > 'V/W', etc. but we're ...

December 08, 2011

Coffee pot ddd

Coffee Pot : TYPE

Adapted from an untitled 1946 type specimen drawn by M. Moullet in 1944. I liked this type a lot, but ultimately decided I liked the script option better fo...

November 23, 2011