Global Cycling

October 04, 2012

Unfortunately the project got killed. But still, I thought this guy worked pretty well. *One more early variation ATTACHED


June 01, 2012

One more for the road...


May 02, 2012

Component from of an ID exploration... Part of a larger type lockup, but I thought this piece was kind of interresting... Works? *Squared off version ATTACHED


Honey Bee

March 04, 2012

Mark / peripheral exploration for an organic honey producer. Decided to toss in a little GIF action just for kicks...

Danger Room

February 06, 2012

Mark exploration...

Cloud Bed

January 09, 2012

Continued mark exploration.

Lawn Deer

January 08, 2012

Mark exploration...

Light as a Cloud

January 06, 2012

Mark exploration for a mattress brand.

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