C272a1df400d46635bb523eb348c8e80 ICON DESIGN (Misc.)

by Michael Spitz

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Community Icons

A quick round of icons for a UK community organizing site.

May 30, 2013

Duracel ddd2b

The Copper Top

Saw Jordan's shot, and decided to blow off a little steam with an exercise in between projects. Whipped up this guy in about 15 min.

April 13, 2011

Fish eye ddd1

Fish Eye Lens

*Update: Due to the varying / interesting reactions to this guy > I've removed the basic description... Always curious to hear what you guys read into the...

April 05, 2011

Shot 1294589267

Cloud Storage

Retina icon (for nothing in particular)...but Fabian's shot got my wheels turning ;) I have a couple iOS icons coming up this month > so I've ...

January 09, 2011