C272a1df400d46635bb523eb348c8e80 3F - Fresh Fast Food : ID

by Michael Spitz

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3F - Storefront

Working on storefront designs for 3F. Building facades in the area are controlled for historical uniformity...so mockups have to go off to local gov for appr...

August 28, 2010

Shot 1278123651


So this is the final for the 3F project. Designed for a quick stop sandwich shop, in Vladivostok, RU. Accordingly, there's a Cyrillic version to match...but ...

July 02, 2010

Shot 1276743227

3F : 2

Another idea for the 3F mark... Again, for a quick stop sandwich shop.

June 16, 2010

Shot 1276630298


(WIP) Branding for a sandwich bar.

June 15, 2010