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by Michael Spitz

7 Shots

Shot 1298290065


Just wrapped up the 'BD' project for a digital design firm in Boston, AU. Not 100% sure they're sticking with the current color scheme > but it's the pri...

February 21, 2011

Shot 1296246610

BD Bubble V2

Gave a little more thought to the speech bubble play... At least now I've got the letters facing the right way round now ;) **Tail flipped > HERE *Plus ...

January 28, 2011

Shot 1296005027

BD Bubbles

Another step in the speech bubble direction... Still considering some options for the glasses > but this one's a bit more straight forward.

January 25, 2011

Shot 1295718116

bd Glasses

One of the totally different directions I've been thinking about for the 'B/D'. Started out with some speech bubbles and ended up with this guy... ...

January 22, 2011

Shot 1295572322

BD Enclosed

Thanks to my man Floris for his suggestion on the V1 > adding a positive enclosure in leu of the single linear 'B/D' letterform.

January 20, 2011

Shot 1295567633

BD Monogram - 2

I know that first shot is a bit ambiguous > so playing with slightly more obvious 'D' in this one... **Alternate Version

January 20, 2011

Shot 1295565849

BD Monogram

Trying to work out the fine line between a 'B/D'... Haven't run across one quite like this before? But if any of you have > please don't hesita...

January 20, 2011