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MoAfrika Tours

Just wrapping up the ID for a South African tourism company. In Sesotho > the name translates to ‘African People’. Thanks again for all the comments...

February 07, 2011

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African MO - 4

One more shot at the 'MO' logo for the moment. This is just my first take on this idea, so I may end up tweaking things a bit... **ALTERNATE VERS...

January 24, 2011

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African MO - 3

3rd take on the 'MO' monogram / logo mark. One again for an African tourism company. **Slightly re-proportioned / simplified mane version > HERE

January 22, 2011

Shot 1295200162

African MO - 2

Again, working on an ID for an African tourism company. A 2nd take on the 'MO' monogram > This time inspired by African masks / geometric texti...

January 16, 2011

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African MO

Working on an ID project for an African tourism company. Merging an 'MO' monogram, with an African inspired pictographic figure...

January 13, 2011