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by Michael Brooks Jr.

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Peanut Gallery

Another badge that you can earn: The copy is below! WTG! Lookin' good! We're proud of you! Yep, along with your own impressive list of Accomplishments, you'...

October 29, 2013

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2 Wheel Wonder

This was one of my favorite badges I worked on a few months ago, I hope you enjoy it. (check out the 2x version) **the copy that goes with the badge 2 Whee...

September 30, 2013

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Snapshot Badge

When posting media to our platform you can earn a snapshot badge for adding media to your posts. When you earn this badge you're presented with this copy: "...

September 05, 2013

About This Project

We released badges to help honor your achievements, I'll try and post the majority of them in here—I hope you enjoy.