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  1. 30 May Pro
    Kris Mendoza
    Added Orange Purple to the Illustration bucket.
  2. 30 May Pro
    Kris Mendoza
    Commented on Letterpressin'

    @Amit Keren - Loopim It's all hand-lettered

  3. 19 May Pro
    Kris Mendoza
    Commented on Invitations

    @Ed Wellbrook I drew it by hand, scanned it in as grayscale and Photoshopped out any stray lines before taking it into Illustrator and image tracing it. I did further adjustments to the vectors to clean the final up.

    @Anelese Webster I know! I wish you could be there as well, hope NYC has been treating you well, we should catch up sometime :)

    @Ryan Slater Thanks man!!

  4. 15 May Pro
    Kris Mendoza
    Dribbbled Jupiter Logotype as a rebound of Neptune Logotype