Kelly Ferm Home Logo

January 22, 2019

Last one, I swear! This is the primary logo for Kelly Ferm home over the botanical mark. I've been dreaming of a client who would let me use a classy chartreuse as their primary brand color, and I finally found one! Seriously, how dreamy...

Kelly Ferm Pattern

January 18, 2019

Of course I couldn't resist turning the KFH botanical mark into a seamless pattern. This design is going to be blind letterpress printed on one side of branded notecards, and I cannot WAIT to see them in person. Blind letterpress emboss ...

Kelly Ferm Website

January 11, 2019

A really fun lockup of the Kelly Ferm logo to communicate the website, paired with some dreamy placement of the botanical mark of course! 🌿

Established 2003

January 10, 2019

I love this secondary lockup for the Kelly Ferm Home brand, with the botanical mark and stacked type. This one looks stellar on stationery + packaging as you might imagine 🌿

Kelly Ferm Home

January 09, 2019

Love this pairing of the KFH botanical mark with the secondary logo. The logotype fits each letter into its form the same way these interior designers orchestrate all the minute details of a room, finding the perfect place for every intr...

KFH Floral Mark

January 04, 2019

Another piece of a brand I'm super proud of—the floral-meets-botanical mark for Kelly Ferm Home, an interior design studio based in CA. The brand prides itself on intentional beauty and delicate layers of complexity (represented by a pe...