Untitled iphone synth app fixes

Untitled iOS/iPhone Synth App Fixes

August 28, 2012

New knobs "harder to replicate ;)" New menu-bar in the top Navigation in the bottom Some new arrangements and a switch for 12/24 pole filter. Bigger Image and real pixels attached.

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Back shot

Synth Desktop Hardware 3d Wip02

August 27, 2012

Here is another render from the back, apparently this thing works without power... (cables + corrections next) Check out the very much bigger attachment, a little noisy but wth, it's a wip. :) Cheers

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Synth desktop hardware wip01

Synth Desktop Hardware 3d Wip01

August 23, 2012

Hey, Here is the first wip image of the hardware, I havn't tweeked the lights and materials yet and there is some mapping issues on the wood and small other things that needs to be done. Check out the attachment, it's not cropped and k...

Wireframe shot

Synth Desktop Hardware Wireframe

August 21, 2012

Wireframe 1 out of 3 is done, this is for the desktop hardware. comments and Critics are welcome (Extremely hard to make all these things fit there)

Waveforms shot

Untitled iOS/iPhone synth app waveforms

August 18, 2012

Another shot but on the Waveform buttons. I still have to figure out a way to switch between the oscillators but thats next problem.

Envelope shot

Untitled iOS/iPhone synth app filter envelope

August 15, 2012

Next shot in this project, the filter envelope sliders. Bigger image and real pixels are attached as usual. (contrast to be adjusted on the real pixels when all components are done) If you dont know what this is: http://en.wikipedia.org...


Untitled iOS/iPhone synth app navigation

August 13, 2012

Happy Monday! or something.. Something I started with last night, Photoshop and vectors only. Higher res and a little crop attached.