Speaker Wip 05 (Real)

December 09, 2013

Arrived right now, love them *happyface* "sorry for photo hehe"

Speaker Wip 04 (3d)

December 08, 2013

Hey, Hope I don't spam you to death with these shots :) Next week I get my emblems, I have no clue how they will look but I think/hope they look something like this (without scratches, dust etc) They are 40x40x3mm small made out of sta...

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Speaker Wip 03 (3d)

December 06, 2013

Hey! here is the crossover, the last boring thing to model in this project. Sorry about the weird DOF, to lazy too re-render again... Bigger image attached as usual :) Have a great weekend!

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Speaker Wip 02 (3d)

December 05, 2013

Back of the tweeter and midwoofer. Not so fun but better make sure everything is 100% before building the cabinets, X-over layout is up next and thats even more boring to make in 3d. Cheers.

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Speaker Wip 01 (3d)

November 26, 2013

Hey, I have been building some stuff by hand for the last months and it has been awesome. it's probably the best AFK activity I had in my life and I've never felt so creative in years. I'm also trying to involve my girl and we have ...

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