1. self actuaLIZation logo brand identity branding graphic design logo logodesign
    View self actuaLIZation logo
    self actuaLIZation logo
  2. 004 :: Clothing Shop minimal native app shop shopping app shopping cart ui womens fashion
    View 004 :: Clothing Shop
    004 :: Clothing Shop
  3. Goodreads redesign 📚 ui user experience user interfaces web design
    View Goodreads redesign 📚
    Goodreads redesign 📚
  4. playing with drama drama prototype prototype animation prototyping ui interaction
    View playing with drama
    playing with drama
  5. money flow diagrams adobe adobe capture graphic design hand drawn hand drawn type illustration vector
    View money flow diagrams
    money flow diagrams
  6. heat wave 〰️ adobe capture adobe illustrator doodle hand drawn type hand lettering summer typography
    View heat wave 〰️
    heat wave 〰️
  7. hand drawn buildings adobe capture design drawing graphic design hand drawn illustration illustrator
    View hand drawn buildings
    hand drawn buildings
  8. THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW collage digitalcollage photoshop scanned
  9. Roads graphic design poster art process scanned
    View Roads
  10. 003 :: Music App app bright clean minimal ui
    View 003 :: Music App
    003 :: Music App
  11. Workflow Tool WIP clean dashboard enterprise web app workflow
    View Workflow Tool WIP
    Workflow Tool WIP
  12. Devices Illustration bright devices illustration laptop minimal perspective phone simple
    View Devices Illustration
    Devices Illustration
  13. 002 :: Workout Summary app clean data fitness graph layout minimal summary ui workout
    View 002 :: Workout Summary
    002 :: Workout Summary
  14. Personal Site adobe css dreamweaver graphic design html portfolio product design svg
    View Personal Site
    Personal Site
  15. 001 :: Weather App app clean mobile simple ui
    View 001 :: Weather App
    001 :: Weather App
  16. WillowTree + GE Team t-shirt
    View WillowTree + GE Team t-shirt
    WillowTree + GE Team t-shirt
  17. WillowTree + GE Team Project t-shirt adobe data visualization illustrator t-shirt design
    View WillowTree + GE Team Project t-shirt
    WillowTree + GE Team Project t-shirt
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