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  1. Paul Ulloa
  2. Tim Pleiko-Izik 🚀
  3. Anthony Mingo
  4. aqeela
  5. Alex Morgan
  6. Johleena Tolentino
  7. Mauricio Bucardo
  8. Sadhvi Konchada
  9. Taka
  10. Aaron Poe
  11. Zack Pierry
  12. Jack Douglas
  13. Ryan Porter
  14. Andrew Wendling
  15. BF
  16. Tu Vu
  17. Christopher Reath
  18. Haiwa Wu
  19. Lauren Frost
  20. Matt Castillo
  21. ccasella
  22. Aaron Argandoña
  23. Emily Hom-Nici
  24. Joe Veltkamp

Where is it?

Huge Oakland
409 13th St, 6th floor
Oakland, California 94612
United States

Huge is psyched to host its first Dribbble Meetup in downtown Oakland.

We’re calling on all designers, illustrators, UXers, photographers, motion designers, writers — artists and creators of all types — to spend an evening “Giving a Shit” which is the theme of the evening. It’s time for all of us to share, mingle, and get together to talk about things we truly care about. They’ll be swag, fun name tags, a few icebreakers, beer, food, and talks about your passion projects. 

Join us for a chance to meet other peeps in the industry and get inspired by their shit. No shitheads please 🙂