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Who’s going? 20 attendees

  1. Joy Cozby
  2. Robbie Smith
  3. Esdras Santiago
  4. Eric Nograles
  5. Brendan Ciccone
  6. Mat Hebert
  7. Sadaf Din
  8. Amber Sieradzki
  9. Arcadebox Creative
  10. Ryan Parag
  11. AnnMarie Weidenbenner
  12. Brush Ross
  13. Kartik Solanki
  14. Daniel Ordóñez
  15. Abraham David Rivera
  16. Made by Sanchez
  17. Kristyn Goodwin
  18. Sharie Lesniak
  19. Sunny Mukherjee
  20. Gedy León

Where is it?

Coppertail Brewing Co.
2601 E 2nd Ave
Tampa, Florida 33605

Geolocation provided by OpenStreetMap.

2020 is here and the air is filled with that new car smell! Ring in the New Year with your fellow designers at Coppertail Brewing Company! Whether you’re new to Dribbble, or a prospect who needs an invite, all are welcome to come talk design, have a few drinks, and make new friends. Who has plans on Tuesday? You, dear friend. You do. Come join us!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Meet and Greet: Sure, you could hang out in the back and not talk to anyone, but what fun is that?! No imposter syndrome here, you belong just as much as everyone else! Say hi, make some friends and have a good time. :D

  • Swag & Art Swap: Ooooh, pretty things…so, so pretty…Look at all the stickers! The foil cards! The left over poster prints! Come grab some fresh inspiration from your fellow designers as we all swap work, and snag some Dribbble swag while you’re at it.

  • Great Atmosphere: Coppertail has a great selection of beers and the atmosphere is gorgeous. Come take in the well designed space while enjoying a great selection of adult beverages.

The meetup will take place between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. Please be sure to bring a valid ID if you plan to grab a beer. All are welcome, whether you’re an active Dribbbler, a draftee, or someone new to Dribbble altogether.

We hope to see you there!