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  1. li
  2. Ariel Wu
  3. Henry Hu
  4. SeanFong
  5. liuying
  6. wendylee
  7. Carol view
  8. 戴戴
  9. Xiaochu

Where is it?

Hangzhou Dribbble Meetup
6F, Metro business building , NO. 661 North Zhongshan Road ,Hangzhou, China

Hi, guys Dribbble meetup is coming to Hangzhou. We will invite senior designer to teach us something new using real world examples and case studies. Sharing recent project with us. Schedule: 1:00 start warm-up 1:30-2:00 Introduction Dept 2:00-3:00 session1 3:00-4:00 session2 4:00-4:40 free talks There will be drinks, snacks, and good cheer. And you, hopefully. Details活动报名: 地址:(浙江杭州)中山北路611号6楼