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Who’s going? 6 attendees

  1. Prerana Naidu
  2. veerdaman
  3. Arsh Mahajan
  4. Yoginder Suria
  5. Daljeet Singh
  6. Sunil Bansal

Where is it?

Jaypee University of Information Technology
Solan, himachal pradesh 173234

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Meetup Details

The first of its kind, ACM-JUIT Student Chapter introduces Jaypee University of Information Technology’s technical festival ‘ADVENTUM 1.0’. We aim to bring about a drastic change in how we define technical fests by instilling among participants a sense of competition, development, and teamwork. Each event is designed in a way to create a sense of curiosity among the participants and even the viewers. From Hackathons to Competitive Coding and Gaming to Roborace, we are here to give a whole new perspective to technical fests. Among all these events we want to conduct the Dribbble meet up as a special event for our attendees