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  1. Michael Kuhn
  2. Johnathan Jackson
  3. Jade
  4. Mike Karas
  5. Mark Aguilar
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  7. Guilherme Atanes
  8. Sara Koubek
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  23. Travis Brown
  24. David Shackelford

Where is it?

Passport Labs
128 South Tryon
Floor 22
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
United States

Partners in Work & Life

Let’s face it, work can get pretty stressful when you’re a designer. Between creative differences, tight deadlines and crazy clients, we’ve all been subjected to various forms of stress, but what if on top of that, you worked alongside your romantic partner? Meet Sara and Logan, owners of Clade Design, a design studio based out of Asheville, NC. After two years of business and one year of marriage together they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but through it all they’ve learned to grow as a couple at work and home. While difficult at times, this arrangement has ultimately made their bond even stronger and the company more successful than it ever could have been otherwise. If you’ve ever thought about starting a project with a loved one, but have always hesitated to take the jump, we’re here to push you over the edge.