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Who’s going? 46 attendees

  1. Joni Stubbs
  2. Samantha DeHerrera
  3. Adam Tolman
  4. Charles Wood
  5. Jacob Kenning
  6. Jordan Hebner
  7. Chris Owens
  8. Randy Cullins
  9. BreAnne Wankier
  10. Garrett Anderson
  11. Shawn Growcock
  12. Nishant goel
  13. Navnit Virdi
  14. Andy Griffin
  15. McKay Mattingly
  16. Andrew Pawlik
  17. James Vreeken
  18. Bradley F Edwards
  19. Bryson Benton
  20. Nelli Bonny
  21. Becca Barratt
  22. James D. Bailey
  23. Vanessa Holz
  24. Blair Adams

Where is it?

343 W 400 S
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
United States

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Come hang with designers, imbibe in some delicious brews and snacks and learn Figma! Bring your computers and an appetite to learn Figma in a one-hour, free design workshop at Underbelly’s swanky downtown space. Feel free to hang a bit later, and talk shop with our crew for Salt Lake City’s design week.