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Who’s going? 3 attendees

  1. Michael Sacca
  2. Yanni
  3. Aldo Tobias

Where is it?

Dunn's Famous Restaurant
827 Seymour St
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3L4

Meetup Details

Hola Guys! So excited to announce this Meetup!

For those of you designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Creatives in general that came to rainy Vancouver from all over the world, This Meetup is for you!

Let’s gather to talk about our experiences working abroad in the creative industry, How did we face all those barriers such as language, homesick, work environment, etc. and of course, let’s talk about design an how do we see the future of the creative industry in this city…

You locals are welcome too! :D

Here’s what you can expect:


Snacks provided

Chill Music

Recording Station (So you can voice record your pieces of advice for those creatives that want to come to Vancouver)

Sharing Experiences

Beers and cocktails for purchase (must be legal drinking age, ID Required) See you guys there!